Secure Dragon Server Status

This is a list of all of our servers so you can view their current status with a quick glance.

Server Name Location Server Network IO Write IOPS RAM Disk Load Uptime
ca2ovz01Los Angeles, CAUnavailable0
co1ovz02Denver, COUnavailable0
fl2ovz04Tampa, FLUnavailable0
fl2bkupovz02Tampa, FLUnavailable0
fl2bkupovz03Tampa, FLUnavailable0
fl2kvm03Tampa, FLUnavailable0
il2ovz01Chicago, ILUnavailable0
ny1ovz01New York City, NYUnavailable0
wa1ovz01Seattle, WAUnavailable0

Hover over any of the icons for details.
Disk performance tests (dd and ioping) run once an hour.
Network tests (wget) run once every 6 hours.