Secure Dragon Server Status

This is a list of all of our servers so you can view their current status with a quick glance.

Server Name Location Server Network IO Write IOPS WAN RAM Disk Load Uptime
az1ovz02Phoenix, AZ.0.21326 Days 06:00:04
ca2ovz01Los Angeles, CA.0.08326 Days 06:30:23
co1ovz02Denver, CO.0.82111 Days 17:45:24
fl2kvm03Tampa, FL.3.01327 Days 01:56:01
fl2bkupovz02Tampa, FL.1.149 Days 17:45:51
fl2bkupovz03Tampa, FL.1.14307 Days 06:06:41
fl2ovz04Tampa, FL.1.8259 Days 17:35:45
il2ovz01Chicago, IL.0.37326 Days 06:24:27
ga2ovz01Atlanta, GA.0.4439 Days 16:07:19
nj2ovz01Piscataway, NJ.0.93134 Days 07:26:58
wa1ovz01Seattle, WA.3.370 Days 07:27:06
tx1ovz02Dallas, TX.0.82326 Days 06:30:27

Hover over any of the icons for details.
Disk performance tests (dd and ioping) run once an hour.
Network tests (wget) run once every 6 hours.